Thursday, March 3, 2011

Good Things Can Happen After 2AM

It was 3am when I got the phone call that changed my life forever. 

I was 26, living with my folks, working in a bank, dating a guy my friends hated, and driving home from a friend's house.  I answered the phone call from a great guy friend who I hadn't spoken to much lately since he'd started seeing his new girlfriend.  

"I met the perfect guy for you."

I immediately replied, "No thanks."  Let me explain.  This had become a fairly common occurrence at the time with all of my friends.  Every single one of them thought that I needed to get away from the guy I'd been dating (more off than on) for about a year.  And absolutely every single one of them knew "the perfect guy".  
"Just let me tell you about him before you decide, Laurie," he said.  "Trust me."

"Okay, what's the sales pitch?"

"He's a cowboy who drinks, smokes, and loves karaoke."

I'll admit I was intrigued, but those three things also described a hundred other guys that I had met over the years.  It was when my friend said "Oh, and he's in the Army" that he officially lost me.

"No way.  I don't date military guys!!"  

You know, they always say if you want to hear God laugh, just tell him your plans, and I swear, I can still hear God laughing at those damning words.  The next day, I had a friend request on MySpace from the Army boy named Robert.  He was fresh out of Basics/AIT and had just arrived at Fort Benning for jump school.  We exchanged a few emails which of course led to a few phone calls and two and a half weeks later I finally had my last first kiss. 

Now, who says good things never happen after 2am?


  1. That is such a sweet story, love it!

  2. Love your story!!!! I found a country boy that smokes...drinks....and loves karaoke. I never thought he would be the match for me but we haven't been apart since the day we met.